Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thanks for a wonderful season...

As the weather turns cooler, the days shorter, and the John Deere combine harvests the corn from our neighbor's field; it is again a reminder that it is soon time to wrap up our summer market season. With next week, 11/21/2009, as our last official day at the Crocker Market, we'd like to extend several VERY SINCERE THANK YOUS.

Firstly, to all of our valued customers and friends. We enjoyed getting to know each one of you this season and certainly appreciate your business. Each Saturday as we packed our freezer with our grass fed beef and pork products, we wanted to make sure we had just the right things to make each of you satisfied. Eggs for Ed and Elizabeth, ground sirloin for Keith, ham Steaks for Kim and her family, Fresh ground pork for Pete and those famous 'pizza brats' for Linda. We had a great time meeting and talking with everyone this summer. Thanks for trusting us to provide you and your families with quality grass fed meat products.

Secondly, North Union Farmer Market and our co-vendors. Thanks to Tiffany and her organization of the market and making sure everything ran smoothly each Saturday. Thanks to North Union for providing a venue where farmers can share their products with others. Thank-you to Jerry-for all of your help and friendship throughout the season. Thanks to Don, Dale of Wolffe Family Farms (GO BLUE), and Sirna for your help throughout the season.

Thirdly, a HUGE shout out to our four little farmers; Zach, Luke, Emma and Ellie. We couldn't have done it without you! You were always ready to help; chasing pigs that got loose from the pasture at the break of dawn, collecting eggs, picking berries, watering the cows and pigs and helping at the did it all. Sometimes it was hard work, hot work, stinky work, but you all hung in there. THANK YOU! We truly feel blessed that God has entrusted you in our care, and although you may not understand it now, we know that learning to work with your siblings now, will bless you in the future. Thanks for a great season guys, we are so proud of each of you and love you so much!

Finally, Thanks be to God. Every early morning walk watching the sun rise over the pasture, every fall tree turning beautiful shades of red and yellow, every snowfall that covers our entire farm and every beautiful sunflower that blooms are constant reminders that we are here by God's grace. We want to give thanks to God for all of his many blessings in our lives-one of which is living and farming this land.

It has been our pleasure getting to know everyone this season. We will be arranging for winter deliveries to help get our customers through (we would feel badly if anyone suffered from brat withdrawl). NEW this winter, we will be at The Shaker Square indoor market starting 1/9/2010, stop by and say 'Hi'.

Thank you for a wonderful season,
Julie and Chris Blankenship
Bluebird Meadows